Meet Debbi

Hello and welcome to my kitchen! My husband and partner in catering, Randy, and I started this adventure in 1994. We are a couple of farm kids, Washington born and raised. He comes from a family with 7 kids; I from a family with 4 girls. Being the oldest, I was delegated cooking tasks early on.

We live and work on a beautiful wheat farm in the heart of Palouse Country. Our catering facility is located on our farm and has occasionally been the site of catered events. Randy also raises registered Shorthorn cattle while he farms with his brother and nephew. He carries on the tradition started by his grandfather many years ago.

I’ve had a number of jobs in my life – legal secretary, dental assistant, special education teaching assistant, 4-H program assistant with WSU Cooperative Extension…you name it, I’ve probably done it! But, there came a time when I had to follow the desire in my heart, to own a business! I’ve loved it and have never been sorry. I’ve been tired and sore, but never sorry! My darling husband jumped on board and together, we’ve made it happen! It is the kind of endeavor that can’t be done well alone!!

My mother is no longer with us, but she was very much responsible for teaching me so much about cooking. Back in her day, available convenience products and readymade foods were few. So, when you needed a sauce, you made it. When you wanted a dessert, you made it from what you had in the cupboard. I single-handedly demolished her favorite Betty Crocker cookbook in that process. But, in return, I was blessed with learning the real mechanics of cooking and for that I will always be grateful!

In my day, there were no video games and you didn’t always have other kids around, other than your siblings, so they were your playmates as well. Watching TV was limited (color TV was introduced in my lifetime!) and once we made tents on the clothesline in the backyard with quilts and bedspreads, we decided it was a good time to pull out that Betty Crocker Cookbook and see what would be fun to make!

Those were happy days…a farmhouse full of little girls, with mom and dad, the smell of the air in the summer and after a rain when wheat harvest was done. The smells of freshly baked desserts and delicious, satisfying meals were the routine. Preparing and serving food brought a sense of joy to those who ate it, gave encouragement and satisfaction to those who made it. I think that is why, when I pondered about what I really wanted to do, I came back to cooking for others…It was like going home.

Favorite quote

“You can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake.”

Favorite Tools of the Trade

  • Stand Mixer

    The greatest invention since sliced bread!

  • Fresh Herbs

    I love using fresh herbs from my garden.

  • All Hands On Deck

    Shout out to my amazing team of servers!